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Crack kills...especially the one on my ass...

The Adventures Of Mega Manda

26 May 1985
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Hi, I am the Manda.... I am my own species of Manda. Writing a bio is gonna be sorta tuff... (typos and grammar mistakes are to be expected lol) I procrastinate and have very bad organization skills and the reason things will most likely be mispelled are due to the fact that I hate going back and typing the same things over and over.... Basic stats of me are that I live in Florida near the eastern beach, I'm 20 years old (will be 21 May 26, 2006), 5'4 and am a Gemini. I am a total psycho, complete otaku and beyond dorky. I dislike fakeness, insecurity, macho-izm, bugaboos, racist people, waiting in line, people that think there different cuz they shop at Hot Topic, ghosts, caterpillars, and snails.