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Fri, Jul. 8th, 2005, 12:37 pm

Phil Collins sings really sappy songs
Which word is more discusting? Moist? Or Used? I think Moist is excruciatingly discusting.
Whats the difference between a jewler and a jailer? One sells watches, One watches Cells!! Muahahahhaa!!
I'm the only one that thinks Corona tastes like selcer water with a little bit of pee in it.
Cartoons I think are sexy:: Piccolo (from DBZ), Hiei (from YuYu Hakusho), Sessomaru (from Inuyasha), Tarzan (from Tarzan), Cloud Strife (FF7), and the hottest out of all of them is Gaara (from Naruto, even though he's 12, I swear I'm not a pedifile I SWEAR!)
Speaking of pedifiles, I'm the only one that thinks Michael Jacksons innocent (I know what its like to be a kid trapped in a 40 sumthing year old body)
Why do Canadians say "Aboot"
I forgot my adderal
I'd rather eat sausage then 2 slices of roast beef o_0
It'd be weird to not have arms and legs and just be a body with a head
Jessica Simpson looks like an Owl with buck teeth
I like to do my flying leemer attack
Remember that episode of Rocko's Modern Life were that guy said "I'm a Wild Pig!"
Why are people so picky about there music
Why do people like rap?
Since when is talking singing?
Do you like to sqeeze the zuccini?
It must have been love, but its over now so kbye
Vanilla Ice Ramake "Rice, Rice and Gravy" Den,den,den de-ne-ne-nin Chhh Den,den,den De-ne-ne-nin Chhh
I think you've had enough of Manda's brain.
Congradulations, you survived the dark pit of weird also known as the thoughts that cross my mind!

More Randomness comming soon to a bathroom near you!

Fri, Jul. 8th, 2005 11:50 pm (UTC)

You've done lost it girl...


Stay KrayZZEE. Love Travis T.T.K.