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Thu, Aug. 11th, 2005, 04:17 pm
The pain the agony I tell you!

The past couple of sayz I've been working working wokring. Im so beyond wore out. I'm taking Shane to get his drivers license tomorro Im so excited. He better pass or else Im gonna go ape shit. I hate driving soooooooo much so if he passes I wont have to do it so much. I think Im weird cuz I bought Shane sum of those white-out contacts (like the ones marilyn manson has) and for sum reason, Shane looking like satan turns me on lmao! Why is evilness hott, I dont understand it. It must be sum primitive instinct to like whats wrong. Good girls like bad boys lmao! Damn I need to wake up... Im suppose to get my period today and Im soooooooo dredding it. I hate being a girl so bad. I wish I could just grow a penis lol! Bleeding sucks. You cant have sex, you have to go to the bathroom 24/7, you get cramps, you pill pop mydol, and you turn into a cranky lunitic out for the pleasure of hopefully causing sumone else the utter pain of which you feel and want them to feel 100 times worse (1000 times worse if there a guy). Welp, Im off, gotta go destoy the lives of people around the world. ~muah~ luv you bye bye!